2 Mejores Temas de WordPress de estilo Tumblr 2020

 sitios web alojados en Tumblr

tienen un aspecto distintivo que mucha gente disfruta. However, you don’t need to sign up to that service to create a blog that looks like a Tumblr site. Thanks to the options in this collection of the best Tumblr-style WordPress themes, you can take advantage of the powerful functionality of WordPress, while applying a design to your website that closely resembles Tumblr.

One of the advantages of taking this approach is that you get access to all of the customization options and settings of WordPress that will enable you to take full control of the design of your site as well the ability to install any of the thousands of plugins disponibles para WordPress que hacen que sea fácil añadir nuevas características a su sitio web. Self-hosting your website and using WordPress, rather than signing up to the Tumblr platform, also gives you complete ownership of your site and its content, rather than being at the whims of a hosted platform, their terms of service, and their ability to mantenerse en el negocio y evitar el cierre.

Whether you want to create a blog, start a portfolio, or just share interesting content you’ve found online, the best Tumblr-style WordPress themes will provide you with a stylish design and some useful features for your project.


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Aside is a portfolio WordPress theme that will help you to display your work in a Tumblr-style format.

This theme comes in six different varieties that you can import into your WordPress website to help you get started. Whether you want to use this theme for your portfolio, or just to share content you’ve found elsewhere or produced yourself, Aside works well for either type of project. Thanks to the various layouts, you can decide to display lots of your content on the homepage of your website, in a range of formats, or use the slideshow mode to display one item at a time, using the slider interface.

If you’d like the content you publish to take center stage on your website, this Tumblr-style WordPress theme, with its minimal design, is a good choice. Depending on which demo you use, your site could include no branding nor any of the other elements typically found on a website, such as the header, footer, or sidebar, and just focus on presenting your content in a distraction-free environment.

Sin embargo, no todas las diferentes versiones de los diseños y la lleven a un lado este enfoque mínimo para el diseño web. Algunas opciones han fijado los diseños de la barra lateral para asegurar que sus visitantes pueden encontrar fácilmente las otras partes de su sitio web. However, if you like the idea of a stripped-back user interface on your portfolio or blog, then Aside definitely has layouts for that type of project.

If you want to adapt the templates that makeup Aside, it’s not a problem. Thanks to the page builder tool that’s integrated into this theme, you can open up all of the pre-built layouts for editing. Making your own custom layouts is an option too. Some of the other interesting features of Aside include the WooCommerce plugin support for accepting payments through your website, support for the WPML plugin to help you translate your content and publish it in multiple languages, and the ad management tool that can enable you to monetize your sitio web.

un lado es una opción elegante para el lanzamiento de un nuevo sitio web de WordPress con un diseño inspirado en Tumblr.

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